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Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: Gum Inflammation

In recent years, the use of AI in dentistry has gained traction, with researchers exploring various applications ranging from cavity detection to predicting treatment outcomes and designing artificial teeth with biomimetic properties.

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One of the most recent studies out of the University of Hong Kong that focuses on artificial intelligence and oral health, has showcased the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in detecting gum inflammation, or gingivitis, from intraoral photographs.

This development has significant implications for the early detection and prevention of oral health problems, heart problems, and serious conditions like diabetes.

How It Works

As one of the first of its kind to explore the application of AI in detecting gum inflammation, this study highlights the effectiveness of AI algorithms in analyzing intraoral photographs to identify signs of redness, swelling, and bleeding along the gum margin. The specific AI model used in this study demonstrated an accuracy rate of over 90%, comparable to a visual examination conducted by a dentist.

By analyzing over 567 images of gums displaying different degrees of inflammation and the high accuracy grade of this algorithm, this study demonstrates that AI can serve as a valuable screening tool for detecting and diagnosing gum disease, an important indicator of periodontal disease.

Years from now, this shows that there is a possibility for even more cutting-edge technology to be used as an aid for dentists monitoring their patient’s gum health. It also opens up the possibility for more personalized care since less time is spent diagnosing the patient or waiting until gum inflammation has progressed enough to be identified. By enabling earlier intervention, AI technology can contribute to better health outcomes for the population.

While practices around the world, including our own, do not have access to this specific type of dental technology yet, Naperville Commons Dental is proud to use state of the art techniques and technology to keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Schedule your appointment with us now.

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