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Extractions from the best dentist in Naperville are quick and painless. If you need an extraction it means you need a tooth removed because of disease, trauma or overcrowding in the mouth. 

How to Know You Need an Extraction

The best way to know if you need an extraction is to schedule an exam at Naperville Commons Dental, but keep an eye out on these few warning signs. You may need an extraction if your tooth is visibly damaged, infected or has shifted in the wrong position making the tooth useless. If you have excess tooth pain, an extraction may be an option, but a doctor may recommend a root canal, filling or dental crown to fix your tooth pain instead. If your tooth is already feeling loose there is a good chance you’ll need it removed, but in some cases, the best dentist in Naperville can save your tooth.

The Procedure

The extraction procedure will depend on whether your tooth is visible or impacted. A visible tooth will usually only need a simple extraction procedure, while an impacted tooth will require a surgical extraction. 

  • Simple Extraction: Simple extractions are quick and easy. Your dentist will use a local anesthesia to numb the area around your tooth, ensuring there is no pain. They will then use a tool called and elevator to loosen the tooth for removal. The tooth is then pulled out using forceps. 
  • Surgical Extraction: An impacted tooth is a tooth that for some reason is blocked from breaking through the gums. In some cases, the tooth can even be covered by other bone. An impacted tooth will only be visible during an X-ray, but could be causing pain. For a surgical tooth extraction, you will likely receive two types of anesthesia, one to make the area numb and one to keep you calm throughout the procedure. Our dentist will cut into your gum or bone with a small incision revealing the tooth. Then, the tooth is pulled like normal. Lastly, your dentist will reseal your gum.

The Advantages

Not only does this procedure have a short recovery period, but it has a few benefits for your overall smile. An extraction prevents the spread of tooth decay and infection. Removing the tooth at first sign of disease will ensure all your other teeth remain healthy. Extractions also help reduce crowding and pain, providing you with a more functional smile for years to come.

Contact Naperville Commons Dental

If you have any more questions regarding dental extractions or believe you may be a candidate, contact the best dentist in Naperville. Book your appointment online or give us a call at 630.355.2935.


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