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Is It Time For A Root Canal Procedure?

If you have been experiencing problems with one of your teeth, you might be wondering if you need a root canal procedure. This type of procedure, known as endodontic therapy, may become necessary when an injury to the tooth or dental decay causes the pulp or nerve of the tooth to become inflamed or infected. This may also occur if your tooth is cracked or broken.

When this procedure is performed, the dentist removes both the pulp and the nerve using a drill. After the tooth is thoroughly cleaned out, it is sealed to prevent further damage. Only your dentist or an endodontist (a dental specialist) can evaluate your tooth pain and determine if this type of therapy will be required and if it will adequately alleviate your symptoms.

Possible Symptoms

The most common symptom that may indicate a root canal is needed is pain. The pain can range from mild to intense and may lessen or get worse throughout the day. It may become extremely painful when you bite down on the tooth. Additionally, some patients experience prolonged sensitivity when they consume hot food or liquid. The gums near the problem area may also feel swollen and become tender.

Contact Your Dentist

Contact your dentist immediately if you notice any of the above symptoms. Explain what is happening to a staff member over the phone. You may be asked to come and visit our emergency dentist in Naperville for an evaluation, depending on the severity of your symptoms.

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