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Promote Good Oral Hygiene With A Teeth Brushing Chart

A tooth brushing chart can be a fun way to help remind children to brush (and floss) their teeth at least twice per day. It’s important to teach children good dental hygiene habits they can bring into adulthood.

The chart works exactly like a chore chart, or you can add it to an existing chart you have already established. You and your children can decorate the chart together using favorite characters, bright colors, and other design elements that will make it stand out, reminding them to brush their teeth.

A family of four brushes their teeth together in the bathroom.

After your child checks off a certain number of consecutive days, you should reward them with a prize. Have the reward be something of value to them to keep them motivated–a special dessert, a small toy, a new book, family movie night, etc.

For more information on establishing a dental hygiene routine, contact our family dental practice in Naperville.

Advantages of Having a Brushing Chart

Outside of the obvious benefit of your child brushing their teeth every day, having a tooth brushing reward chart will start good oral hygiene practices from a young age. If children do not brush their teeth, they risk tooth decay in their primary teeth and permanent teeth.

A secondary benefit of having a chart can be that children will not be afraid of the dentist. By promoting oral hygiene practices in your home, your child will understand the importance of visiting a dentist regularly.

Tooth Brushing Charts For Kids

If you did not want to create your own chart, here are some free printable options:

Colgate created Dr. Rabbit to help remind children to brush their teeth, with a fun activity sheet attached.

Crest + Oral B worked with Disney to create different games and charts for children featuring some of their favorite Disney characters.

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