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Your Crown Fell Out: What To Do Next

Dental crowns do an excellent job of protecting what’s left of your original tooth and keeping that tooth fully functional. When your dental crown falls out it can be quite alarming since this typically happens without warning.

If your dental crown fell out or you think it has become loose, then you need to take the following steps to make sure your existing tooth is protected:

1. Get In Touch With An Emergency Dentist Now – Call your dentist as soon as possible to see if they offer emergency appointments. The sooner you can get your crown replaced, the less likely your remaining tooth will become damaged as a result. Ideally, you should try to schedule an appointment on the same day your crown fell out if you can.

2. Locate and Rinse Off The Crown – If your crown isn’t damaged, then it’s possible for the dentist to thoroughly clean it off again and place it back on your tooth. If the crown is badly damaged, however, then there’s a chance your dentist will need to make and place a new crown around your tooth.

3. Avoid Chewing Anything Near Your Exposed Tooth – When a same-day appointment isn’t possible, you’ll need to take extra precautions to care for your tooth. Do not chew food on the same side of your mouth as the exposed tooth, as this could damage it. If you’re experiencing significant pain or discomfort due to the exposed tooth, seek out dental wax or temporary dental cement from your local pharmacy to soothe it.

4. Get Your Crown Replaced – Your dentist will be able to make the final call on whether the dislodged crown can be installed on your tooth again. Once the existing or a new crown has been secured around your tooth, you can resume normal eating and drinking habits again.

Losing your dental crown can be a jarring experience, but can also be resolved relatively quickly. It’s important to stay calm, attempt to locate the crown, and then relax until you can see an emergency dentist.

Dental Crown Fell Out

Seek An Emergency Dentist In Naperville

If you have lost a dental crown, please contact the emergency dentist at Naperville Commons Dental. Our staff will usually be able to see you on the same day that the crown became dislodged. We will walk you through any steps you should take to protect your tooth until we can see you.

To learn more or schedule an emergency dental visit, please contact us now.


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